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Creative you say? Here is your number, the line starts here…

Okay, I am skipping all the fluffy and proper introductions and getting straight to my first mini post. How humbled were you when you went to sign up for your ingenious, original blog and discovered—much like a wet towel to the back of your thigh—that other people have already mined your brilliant satirical gold   so-so name for your blog?! Hard lesson one of blogging: you are not that original. Hard lesson two: your computer is too old to keep up with the constant saving and “see it live” feature. Ahem, well having chosen a perfectly acceptable name and learned to type in Word and paste into WP, let’s move on. I am a communications student who is about to graduate. I need a blog to showcase my writing. Job ads make love to Word Press. Many ads go something like this: blah blah blah, duties include blah blah, self starter, blah blah blah social media blah blah blah Adobe blah blah blah Word Press, and then I hear heavy breathing off in the distance. So I am coming to the water to drink or fish or something like that. I think blogging is kind of a waste of time…unless you have something to offer other than mildly humorous musings about this crazy thing called life (read: cliché’) <chuckle, chuckle, intense gaze out to important something>. So this blog will be about something; I am not sure what just yet, but SOMETHING. It will certainly not just be my point of view on everyday blah blah blah. Why yes, yes you are right—good writers make everyday blah blah blah interesting. Perhaps there will be some of that– but I have no undiscovered superstar blogger fantasies– I need to write to show people who are in charge of people who write that they should consider paying me to write. After all, I do have this shiny new Bachelor’s degree <shiny new thing noise!>. I will be getting back to this blog about something very soon; hopefully something that warrants discussion!



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