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The Out of Touch Collection…Haiti and High Fashion?

I go for a haircut about twice a year. When I do go, I usually spend quite a bit and go to one of the high-end salons in the cute section of my town that I don’t live in. I do this because I have curly hair and it is very easy for unskilled hands to hack it in to the shape of a helmet or some other undesirable and odd topiary. I already feel completely out of place in salons– every time I walk in I just see perfectly manicured nails,  put together outfits, effortless hair, makeup and sparkling white teeth coming at me and every imperfection I have seems to be yelling out to these people, look at me and my frizzy hair and gaped teeth…oh and look I spilled coffee on my shirt earlier in the day in anticipation of my anxious salon visit! Anyhow, the girl who cuts my hair is laid back enough that I don’t feel completely awkward. Fast forward, I am sitting under the dryer feeling like a poodle and I start flipping through a magazine with spring fashion, and every big name designer has ads throughout the magazine. I am completely out of touch with high fashion, mainly because I can’t afford a purse that costs more than my rent, but also perhaps because it’s just not my thing. That’s okay, other people dig it and I don’t judge. In fact, at times I get a little envious of some of the gorgeous clothes (think Anne Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada). Anyhow the whole buy-clothes-a-season-ahead thing, I never understood this. I buy clothes when I feel I need to, but I am not generally thinking about lightweight florals and sandals for spring when it is freeze-my-?-cold here in the Seattle area. I suppose some people clothes plan the way I life plan, actually they probably wardrobe plan. I don’t think my clothes are in the vernacular neighborhood of wardrobe, that would imply that I didn’t step into Ross or Old Navy, and who needs to put on airs (or anything more than $20?). Anyhow, so I am flipping through this magazine thinking about how disconnected I feel from it and then I see an ad that highlights a photo shoot in Haiti. I suppose Haiti was the inspiration behind the collection…of very expensive clothing. I could feel my salon experience getting very dark in that moment. I was fairly irritated by this. And, to top it off the cost of the clothing was listed on the page, some items in the *thousands*. Okay so Haiti, which looks like this:


Inspired this:


I’m not feeling it, but maybe I would feel better if I had this outfit, say $4000 better?

On some level I understand that the poor and the rich are, have always been and will be, intertwined like a thorny rose bush, but this was too much for me. Donna Karan at least spent money on the local economy through goods and services, and the article below does mention that there is a charitable fund, but still, this was someone’s very bad idea–hardly reminiscent of the light, airy springtime flowers and Indiana Jones-ish adventure wear they are peddling.


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