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Seattle Day Trips- La Conner, WA


You know those towns in movies…the ones we wished we lived in?  The kind that seem to have everything you would need and want, but in a cozier, quaint version? La Conner, WA is that kind of town. Sandwiched between the sea and the mountains it sits waiting for you to have coffee and pastry, check out local art and stroll by the water. I really love this little town. If you go for the day, get there somewhat early because places close fairly early. These are just a few places or interests we stumbled upon in one day, there are many more things to see, and we are going back for sure!


Things to see:

Northwest Museum of Art, this little museum houses all northwest art and has an excellent gift shop with unique finds, including Native American art and jewelry.

The main street area is easy to navigate and walk to everything, parking is free and there are great places to eat, like:

 Calico Cupboard Cafe & Bakery

 Photo source: Wikipedia

Stop and get lost in pages at:


This restaurant is number two on my list of all time favorite places to eat:


Photo source:


The first time I went with a friend and I had a memorable fried oyster sandwich, and they prepared it wonderfully (no funky stuff whatsoever, if you have had your sampling of fried oyster food items, you know what I am referring to!) John and I went for dinner on this visit, he had grilled goat and I had stuffed quail, both were excellent. Go for lunch if you are on a tight budget or eat a cheap breakfast and lunch and splurge for dinner. Nell Thorn is a place with upscale food, but a very friendly, jeans-are-okay-not-food-snob kind of atmosphere. Also, on this visit I swear Jeff Bridges was eating two tables away from us (I can’t prove it—but the “dude” is unmistakable).


Here are some pictures from around main street area. I am not much of a window shopper, but there are lots of quaint shops if you are into that sort of thing. I even thought the local market was quaint, and actually had quite a selection of high quality food-this was not a typical convenience market, but I don’t think anything in La Conner is typical.

Photo source:


I didn’t get to stay here, but when we go back, I’d like to—it just looked very cozy

Main Street, La Conner


 The Swinomish Indian Tribe calls this region home. Their cultural influence is all around the town, and it’s beautiful.



 A Bit of History…



I searched and searched, but I do not know what this is or used to be. I read it may have been an old fish hatchery. There is a sign posted that this area of Main Street is to be revitalized, I think it has a rustic charm just the way it is…but the wheels of change as they say.


 The Swinomish Rainbow Bridge



About 25 minutes from La Conner is Deception Pass State Park, we stopped off to check out the tidal pools at Rosario Beach and the sunset. On any given day you will see eagles, loons, crabs, sea anemones, seals and probably many other things we wish we had seen! Bring some kind of waterproof boot if you decide to get out in the pools and be careful of your high and low tide times.

  Photo source:

 Getting ready for tidal pool exploration!


And Then There are the Tulips…

La Conner is right in the center off all the tulip action for the Skagit Tulip Festival 

Being raised in Florida the idea of seasons can be lost on someone who may relocate to a place that has all four; spring in western Washingtonis glorious. How glorious?


Need I say more?



Yes, La Conner is special…so special it may inspire big life changes, as it did for John and me.

This is a 120 year old rose gold ring with rare green Russian garnet and moon stones; I picked it out from my favorite online jewelry store:


 So, you should visit La Conner…it may not provide you with a life altering change, but I assure you, this town is magical.







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