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Gettin’ my Garden On at Volunteer Park


We finally visited the Volunteer Park Conservatory in Capitol Hill. What a beautiful collection of greenhouses! Each greenhouse has different plants from a particular climate. I must say, I felt a tad nostalgic when I entered the last greenhouse and laid eyes upon a banana plant and tropical palms *sniff sniff*. I remember having banana trees in the backyards of various places I lived back home in Florida. Memories of myself making “mud pie” with bananas in my grandmother’s backyard flooded my senses. The earthy smelling dirt,  the grassy smell of unripened bananas mixed with the gooey sweet smell of the black ones that had fallen to the ground–and me squishing my hands in the lumpy batter. This park feels calm in the city and it is a great place to stop walking and start strolling. Here are some pictures to entice you into a visit.


PNW Native plants



This plant reminds me of the holidays…red, gold & green or a Culture Club song, both things I enjoy.


Desert greenhouse


Yes it looks like that, no you shouldn’t say anything.


An evil apple, no?


One of my favorite plants–just so different.


I am happy to report that we did not molest the Lithops.


Alien worm looking plant!


This was my favorite odd plant. The flowers looked and felt like velvet. I kept picturing it in a Las Vegas all night wedding chapel.



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One thought on “Gettin’ my Garden On at Volunteer Park

  1. Millie Hall on said:

    I love it! We are definitely going there the next time I come to visit.

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