Pining For… Substance

Delightfully Maladjusted

Journalism has gone to the east side, and it’s boring there.

Great article and absolutely true. And how ridiculous that the very people we rely on to bring us information and stories about “the people” are (of late) a handful of elitist types who have had the privilege of being able to afford to follow their passions (read: go to j-school, work *several* unpaid internships at the “best” companies, and focus on their writing career without distractions such as rent and food) into a writing profession. Although, I am realizing that the once noble profession of journalism is not so great anymore, so what am I missing. It seems as though the ones who do get a say in the content they produce cannot make a living doing freelance here and there, and the ones who are lucky enough to have full-time positions for major outlets do not have much say in the content–and much of what I read is so formulaic that an automated aggregate could have punched it out, oh wait they already do.

Pshhhhh, journalism you are not cool anymore!  Now instead of conjuring up a mental image of the fist of power, the power of the people– when I think of you,  all I see is the sweater-around-the shoulders-loafer-wearing-khaki-shorts-80’s-real-estate-developer-bad-guy-hasbeen. You will get no more fist pumps from me.


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