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A Chicago dog at home

Back in my hometown (Orlando, FL) there is this old roadside hotdog place called Hotdog Heaven. And heaven it is. They make the best hotdogs in town, my favorite is the Chicago Dog. I haven’t found any place similar here in the Seattle area so I make my own version of their Chicago dog at home.

What you need:

Good quality hot dogs, I like the Ball Park Angus beef variety


chopped onion, I use yellow but white or red will work too

Boars Head sauerkraut (usually found in your deli area or near the cold case pepperoni items)


2 Cherry tomatoes, cut in to halves


celery salt

How to:

Make your hot dogs however you like to eat them ( I prefer mine grilled)

Drizzle mustard on the dog in a nice zigzag fashion

add chopped onion

add kraut generously

add tomatoes ( I nestle mine down in the sides of the bun)

top off the dog with a tiny bit of relish and a bit of celery salt

I also added a bit of Sriracha (rooster sauce) on top of mine for a little heat, and if you are feelin’ adventurous add a dollop of creamy potato salad on top (yeah, I did that and it rocked)

So good.

Hotdog Heaven’s version is a bit different, but for a home version I think this is tasty. They also served their dogs with hot fries sprinkled with celery salt and an icy cold shake or soda (I used to like to have a root beer with mine)

Next time I make it I will try to remember to stop and take a picture, because they look nice too 🙂


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