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An African Violet doing well in the PNW

John gave me an African Violet in August of 2011 for my birthday. Originally, she had a beautiful cluster of flowers, but within a few weeks they withered and died. I kept her watered, sparingly, and found a couple of good places in our apartment with indirect light (not hard to do here!) to make her happy. I didn’t expect her to flower again but this summer–wow, she flowered up nicely! One of the tips I learned, and followed, about caring for African Violets is to water them with warm water, and be sure not to get their leaves wet. I would place a baking funnel directly in to the soil of the plant and water her that way. Also, my plant did not like to be watered all that often, say once every two weeks. Anyhow, I am proud of my thriving African Violet! Have a look at Velvy…yes I name my plants 🙂 And enjoy some bonus pics of our little cupcake, Chloe, who was very interested in what I was up to.


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