Pining For… Substance

Delightfully Maladjusted

Beautiful Quiet.

In my world, there are different kinds of quiet. Creepy quiet, sad quiet, happy quiet or beautiful quiet are all recognizable to me.  I had an unexpected encounter with beautiful quiet on a Thursday night in the city. We had company visiting with us in the middle of the week and our original plan was to go check out the new Chihuly Garden of Glass at Seattle center at night to see the glass lit up, but we were disappointed to find out the museum was closed for a private event that evening. Not wanting to end the night so early or waste our parking investment dollars, we went to the Seattle Art Museum. I realized, after moseying around for a bit, that I had never been to a museum at nighttime. I had a great feeling of calm and reflection as I walked among the paintings- usually by myself in room after room. I did not worry about blocking anyone’s view or having to scoot over on the viewing benches. The contrast between the solitude around me and the bright and busy city whirling by through the windows made me feel like I was onto some sort of secret.

I was drawn to the paintings that made me feel calm, like Sleepy Time tea. And even though I had seen all of these paintings and collections before, I was feeling them in a different way. My life has been dark, sad, and uncertain lately. What a reprieve I got among the crisp air, soft lights, and soulful paintings at the museum that night looking back at me with all the wisdom of history in their brushstrokes. There are only a few places in which feeling insignificant I feel better, usually it is staring at stars, the ocean, or a mountain peak. For the first time I felt that way inside of a building, and it was nice to know I could just go there at night and find that beautiful quiet that calms me, if only for an hour- I’ll take it.



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