Pining For… Substance

Delightfully Maladjusted


Our kitty has become sick and needs to see the vet, only I have no idea where the money will come from to take her.  If I could have one thing going for me in my life that is not a complete disaster, well, that would be such a breath of much needed fresh air. I have done some research and I think she has some sort of skin ailment, and while she is not in pain per se, she is obsessively scratching, biting, and grooming.  But I can tell it is becoming more bothersome, and now a lump on her back by her tail. Lumps are never good, ever. I tried giving her a foam bath to see if that would help, but it didn’t. I know it must be uncomfortable for her and it just breaks my heart. We spent 2000 dollars on our previous kitty last year just to find out what was wrong with her, she ended up passing away. In her case there was nothing more we could do, as she had a terminal illness, but with our little Chloe, well this seems like something treatable–if we had the money to pay for care.

I hate this life. This broken life.

I don’t even know why I am blogging about this, I guess I just need somewhere to put all this frustration. I wish I was one of those types who liked to clean when they are angry, my place would be sparkling.

I am thinking of taking her to a vet and paying with a credit card. I’ve got to do something! Now I am just waiting for the car to break down, or some other insanely expensive thing to go wrong.


Can I please just fast forward to some other time in my life ( a happy part)?


Later that same day…

Well I spent our car payment at the vet, but kitty is okay! Turns out she had an allergic reaction to a flea most likely. I got her wormed, antibiotics, flea treatment and nails clipped- she is spiffy! She seems back to her relaxed and adorable self. 🙂



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